Applying for Registration


Ready to apply for registration? Please complete the form and follow the steps on this page.

Before you apply

Before applying to join the Register of Nutritionists, please read the information below, as well as the benefits of registration and frequently asked questions.

Please note: You must become a member of the NSA before your registration can be confirmed. Registration is for a period of three years, after which you must renew your registration. Registration does not qualify you to obtain a provider number with Medicare or any other health care provider.


Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)

Recent graduates.

Associate registration confers the award of the letters ANutr and the title Associate Nutritionist.

Associate registration applies to qualified graduates with a BSc or other suitable qualification majoring in nutrition and at least one other related subject area (for example biosciences)

Registered Nutritionist (RNutr)

A person who has achieved a tertiary qualification in nutrition and/or at least three years of relevant work experience or further study.

Registration confers the award of the letters RNutr and the title Registered Nutritionist.

Registered Nutritionist is open to graduates with a:

  • Bachelor degree including a major in nutrition, plus a minimum of three years work experience in a nutrition field (typically not self-employment)
  • or graduates with a Bachelor degree including a major in nutrition with post graduate studies in nutrition and work experience, the total equivalent to be not less than three years.
  • alternative qualifications that develop competencies in nutrition (such as a science degree with post doctoral experience and publications in nutrition sciences) will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Registration committee.

Public Health Nutritionist (RPHNutr)

A person with specialised qualification and experience in public health nutrition.

Registration confers the award of the letters RPHNutr and the title Registered Public Health Nutritionist.

Animal Nutritionist (RAnNutr)

A person with specialised qualifications and experience in animal nutrition.

Registration confers the award of the letters RAnNutr and the title Registered Animal Nutritionist.

If you have overseas qualifications, you will need to contact your state based Overseas Qualification Unit (OQU) and have your qualification assessed. This service is usually free but there may be eligibility criteria. There is no OQU in New South Wales (NSW). If you live in NSW, see the Qualification Assessment page for information on Australian Education International (AII) assessment services and how to apply.


How to apply

Follow the steps below to apply for registration:

Check our application deadlines.

The Registration Committee meets four times per year to review applications:

  • March – deadline 1 February
  • June – deadline 1 May
  • September – deadline 1 August
  • November – deadline 1 October

Complete the registration application form [.pdf - 124KB] and provide supporting documentation.

Supporting documents include:

  • Full CV
  • Three references (professional and academic ideally)
  • Certified copies of all academic transcripts (by Justice of the Peace or at police station)
  • If applicable:
    • Overseas academic transcripts with English translations and evidence of equivalency to Australian qualification
    • Certified marriage certificate if name has changed
    • Statement of competency if applying for RPHNutr or RAnNutr
    • 100 CPD points if their degree was over 12 months ago

Optional: Certified degree certificate

Scan and save all documents as a single PDF file.

Send your application (including completed form, supporting documentation and payment) to:

Or post to:

Registration Committee
Nutrition Society of Australia
PO Box 576
Crows Nest NSW 1585

p>If you have enquiries about applying for registration (for example, you are unsure whether your qualifications will be accepted or which courses are suitable), or the status of your application, please contact us.