NSA Mentoring Program

The Nutrition Society of Australia is pleased to launch its new Mentoring Program for NSA Registered members. 

We are looking for mentees to join the inaugural round of the Mentoring Program within the NSA.

Working with a mentor can be a rewarding experience, allowing you learn and develop your skills and grow your networks. The NSA mentoring program matches one or more mentees with a mentor for a flexible period (12 months recommended). 

Please refer to the NSA Mentoring Program Booklet for more information about eligibility and expectations of the role before applying.

NSA is pleased to introduce our 14 mentors participating in our first round HERE . They have an extensive range of skills and experience to offer their mentees! Places are limited, so please appy early.

Mentee applications closed on 14 December 2020. Members will be advised once the program re-opens.




Mentor Program Timeline


October 2020: Call for Mentors

November 2020: Mentor Selection

December 2020: Call for Mentees

January 2021: Mentor/Mentee Matching & Training

February 2021: Commencement 

April 2021: Initial Assessment


To find out more about the NSA Mentoring Program, please see the NSA Mentoring Program Booklet.