NSA Webinars

NSA members benefit from regular webinars on a variety of topics related to nutrition. Attending NSA webinars qualifies as CPD. They are recorded and can be accessed by members afterwards.

Upcoming webinars

Please see the Events Calendar for upcoming webinars


Recent past webinars

  • 19 August 2020-The role of resveratrol in supporting healthy ageing in women – findings from a two-year, large-scale clinical trial (RESHAW) by Jay Jay Thuang Zaw PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle
  • 8 July 2020- Counteracting cognitive decline with bioactive nutrients - findings from a large-scale clinical trial (FOCUS)
  • 23 June 2020- Dietary fibre and its association with inflammation and depression in adolescents
  • 28 April 2020- Optimising nutrient status in older adults: Exploring the role of B vitamins and one carbon metabolites
  • 4 March 2020 - Eating habits of young adult university students: Findings from observational and experimental studies
  • 23 October 2019 - Omega-3 and sex hormones: Could these play an interacting role in prevention of type 2 diabetes?
  • 7 May 2019 - Feeding our gut microbes for gut health and beyond
  • 21 March 2019 - Implementing a Mediterranean diet in countries beyond the Mediterranean basin: considerations from our Australian trials


Webinar recordings

NSA members can access the library of webinar recordings by logging into the member's only section of the website. Some of the webinar topics available include: 

Nutrition and Sports Webinar with Dr Ricardo Costa & Dr Sarah Jenner 

Watch the recording on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/473671776     Password: nsa123

What if we could all meet public health recommendations for diet and physical activity? Implications for Cardiovascular disease deaths in Australia by Dr Laura Alston.

Nutrition And Dietary Patterns In Chronic Pain Management by Clare Collins
A webinar hosted by the Perth Group by Professor Clare Collins

Student Webinar: Nutrition Career Pathways
Recording of a live webinar which highlighted diverse nutrition career pathways, with guest speakers:
Chrystal Yam (Public Health Nutritionist, VIC), Welma Stonehouse (CSIRO, SA), Emily Dawson (Policy Officer, ACT), Olivia Bates (Nourishing Bubs, QLD), Tara Leong (The Nutrition Guru and the Chef, QLD)

The role of resveratrol in supporting healthy ageing in women by Jay Jay Thuang Zaw
Jay Jay is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle. This webinar provides an overview of how age and menopause-related conditions can influence the overall health and quality of life of postmenopausal women and how regular supplementation of resveratrol, a bioactive nutrient could be a viable strategy to assist healthy ageing in women.