Mid-Career Travel Grant

(Mid-Career Development Grant 2020)

The aim of this award is to recognise and encourage original research by mid-career NSA members and, to support participation in eminent, scientific conferences. The award prize is $2,000 to contribute towards registration for the nominated nutrition conference and/or airfare and accommodation at the conference. However, due to COVID19 restrictions on travel, the NSA council has decided that this year’s awards may be used towards other activities for career development. While applications for open access journal article fee will be considered, preference will be given for attendance at courses/activities. Further, you may apply for these funds (of up to $2000) to cover a combination of activities.

To review the criteria and application form for the Mid-Career Development Grant for 2020, please click here

The closing date for this application is 1 July 2020.


Application criteria

This year the Mid-Career Travel Grant has been changed to the Mid-Career Development Grant. For application criteria, please refer to the information and link above.

The Mid-Career Travel Grant is awarded to an NSA member who:

  • holds a PhD, awarded 5-15 years prior to the closing date for applications
  • has had an original nutrition research paper, systematic review or meta-analysis published or accepted for publication in a high quality peer reviewed international journal in hard copy and/or electronic form since January of the previous year
  • is a financial member of the Society for a minimum of five consecutive financial years prior to their application submission
  • have submitted an abstract - the abstract does not have to be based on the nominated manuscript.

Please note: no more than one Mid-Career Travel Grant may be awarded in any one year.


Nomination and assessment procedures

Nominations for the award must be emailed to the Nutrition Society of Australia at info@nsa.asn.au as a single pdf attachment titled: yoursurname.pdf and with an email subject line titled: Mid-Career Travel Grant Application 20XX - [name of nominee]

The nomination will be assessed on:

  • a 200 word lay summary on the potential of the work to translate into improving health (40%)
  • contribution of the candidate to the research and the paper (20%)
  • research quality of the paper (15%)
  • journal ranking in the field and impact of the journal (15%)
  • quality of the nominated conference which the candidate will attend and statement of benefit (10%).

The application must also include:

  • a title page, listing the:
    • applicant’s name
    • journal name
    • journal ranking in the field and impact of the journal
    • conference and year
    • NSA prizes previously won (name and year)
  • a nomination of the conference which the recipient will attend and a statement on how the conference will enhance the applicant’s career [Note: the conference must be held within 12 months of the closing date of the application]
  • the applicant’s CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • a biography (up to 200 words) which may be used for publicity (NSA newsletter and website, and for introducing the winner at the ASM presentation of the award).

Please note: Retrospective applications will be considered if the conference was attended in the same year as the award. If circumstances are such that the awardee is unable to use this award within the specified time frame, the awardee may apply for an extension by writing to the President of the NSA at info@nsa.asn.au on application.


Presentation of the award

The award is presented at the Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) by the President of the Society (or his/her nominee). The award prize is $2,000 to contribute towards registration for the nominated nutrition conference and/or airfare and accommodation at the conference. This grant cannot be used for attending the NSA ASM.


Additional benefits and expectations

The new Awardee must:

  • submit a report (up to 150 words) to the NSA for publication in the NSA newsletter within four weeks of attending the conference
  • present at a webinar within 12 weeks of attending the conference
  • register for and attend the NSA ASM in the same year as the award was received.


Mid-Career Travel Grant Recipients


Lisa Moran


Yasmine Probst - read report


Melinda Coughlin
Sandra Iuliano


Alison Hill
Sarah McNaughton


Dr Gina Ambrosini


Dr Kim Bell-Anderson


A/Prof Karen Charlton
Dr Ewa Szymlek-Gay


Dr Sarah Garnett
Dr Nathan O’Callaghan


Dr Cuong Tran
Dr Lisa Wood


Dr Alison Coates
A/Prof Heather Yeatman


Paul Lewandowska
Damien Belobrajdic