National Committees

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for the NSA Register of Nutritionists. It evaluates and decides on all applications for admission to the Register. It holds four meetings each year at which applications for registration are reviewed. It is chaired by Associate Professor Lynn Riddell and includes members working in the areas of human nutrition, public health and animal nutrition:
  • A/Professor Maxine Bonham, (Deputy Chair) Monash University
  • Professor David Fraser, University of Sydney
  • Professor Neil Mann, RMIT University
  • Denis M'Gee, Magi Solutions (Animal)
  • Dr Sebely Pal, Curtin University
  • Professor Amanda Devine, Edith Cowan University (Public Health)
  • A/Professor Leigh Ward, University of Queensland
  • Dr Tanya Lawlis, University of Canberra
  • Dr Susan Williams, Central Queensland University (Public Health)
  • A/Professor Susan Torres, Deakin University
  • Dr Kylie Smith, University of Tasmania (Public Health)
  • Dr Karin Clark, Curtin University
  • Dr Alison Hill, University of South Australia
  • Professor Lynn Riddell, Deakin University


2020 Annual Scientific Meeting Committees

National Program Committee

The National Program Committee oversees development of the scientific program and selection of speakers for the Annual Scientific Meeting and is chaired by the President-Elect of NSA.
  • Dr Welma Stonehouse, CSIRO (Chair)
  • Prof Andy Sinclair, Deakin University
  • Dr Tony James, Curtin University
  • Dr Katherine Livingstone, Deakin University
  • Dr Sandra Iuliano, University of Melbourne


National Organising Committee

The National Organising Committee oversees the logistics of Organising the Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • Dr Welma Stonehouse, CSIRO (Chair)
  • Dr Kiran Ahuja, University of Tasmania
  • Dr Catherine Bondonno, Edith Cowan University
  • Dr Damien Belobrajdic, CSIRO
  • Dr Sandra Iuliano, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Emma Beckett, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Rebecca Leech, Deakin University 


Editorial Board

The Editorial Board review abstracts for the Annual Scientific Meeting, oversees the publication of abstracts in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and is chaired by the Honorary Editor of NSA. 
  • Dr Sandra Iuliano, University of Melbourne (Chair)
  • Dr Katherine Livingstone, Deakin University (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Damien Belobrajdic, CSIRO
  • Prof Andy Sinclair, Deakin University
  • A/Professor Karen Charlton, University of Wollongong
  • A/Professor Maxine Bonham, Monash University
  • Dr Tanya Lawlis, University of Canberra
  • Dr Kirrilly Pursey, University of Newcastle
  • Prof Pam von Hurst, Massey University
  • Dr Katherine Kent, University of Tasmania
  • Prof Neil Mann, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Tracy McCaffrey, Monash University
  • Dr Tom Wycherley, University of South Australia
  • Dr Malcolm Riley, CSIRO


Student Mentoring Group

The Student Mentoring Group represents the interests of student members, and in particular organises the Student Masterclass and Young Investigator meet-up at the Annual Scientific Meeting. The current chair is Dr Rebecca Leech.